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Has online dating changed the way we fall in love?

A heart made of ones and zeros
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Relationship expert Dr. Alicia Walker weighs in on the good and bad of digital dating.

Our weekly program, Missouri State Journal, is a collaboration between KSMU Radio and Missouri State University. It's hosted and produced by MSU's Office of Strategic Communication, and it airs each Tuesday morning at 9:45 on KSMU. 

Can you feel that? Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is just over a week away and while many are making plans or reservations with their significant other — many are still looking for that someone special.

Enter the not-so-new frontier of dating apps. Tinder is by far the most widely used on the market. Since its launch in 2012, Tinder reports about 26 million matches a day, leading to more than 20 billion so far and counting. But as users will be quick to point out, a match does not equal a relationship.

Dr. Alicia Walker, an associate professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Missouri State University and a noted relationship expert, says dating apps such as Tinder are fundamentally changing the way we enter interact with each other.

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Emily Letterman has worked at Missouri State University since 2023 and is currently the public relations strategist in the Office of Strategic Communication. A longtime journalist with over a decade of reporting on southwest Missouri, she has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from MSU.