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Science and the Environment

MSU Reports $47,000 in Energy Savings During Winter Break


Missouri State University has reported an energy savings of 47,000 dollars over their 12 day winter break. KSMU’s Samuel Crowe reports.

From December 21st until January 2nd, MSU’s campus was closed for the holidays, and managed to save 47,000 in energy costs.

Pilar Karlen is the Energy Manager at MSU. She says the savings were primarily due to the lowering of each building’s internal temperature from 72 degrees to 60 degrees. In addition, most building lights were turned off, as were various appliances and electronics. She says she found the savings amount by comparing the 12 day break with the energy costs of the 12 days prior.

Karlen says the money saved will later be reinvested in green energy technology on campus.

“The idea is to have a green revolving fund or energy revolving fund, where all those savings will go back to a fund, and then that fund will help to pay for energy savings projects,” Karlen said.

Karlen says the $47,000 was $3,000 less in energy savings from last year’s winter break. She attributes this decline to the addition of some new buildings on campus, including the campus recreation center.

Karlen encourages anyone in the MSU community to give her feedback and ideas for more energy savings.

For KSMU News, I’m Samuel Crowe.