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Science and the Environment

Jordan Valley's Fountains Will Reduce to Conserve Water

Right now, I am walking along granite steps at downtown Springfield’s Jordan Valley Park. Normally you can hear the river feature as well as a fountain at the bottom. However today, that is not the case. 

 “What we are doing is the very best to conserve and reduce our water usage. We have left the Ozark stream feature running so that families and kids can still dip their toes in it.  They can play around and have a good time. But the actual fountain show is really what uses the most water due to evaporation,” said Cumley

Jeff Cumley is the Jordan Valley Park Manager. He says the park is now running their fountain show six times a day, down from 14 times a day. This reduces the parks water usage by 56 percent.  He says that now that school has started, the usage during the day has cut back. So, the park has kept the shows during the busiest parts of the day.  Because of this, Cumley thinks it’s a perfect time of the year to cut back.

The park is also following suggested guidelines from Springfield City Utilities to water the park only on specific days and times. 

For KSMU News I’m Shannon Bowers