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Science and the Environment

Ozarks Technical Community College Receives Donated Fire Engine


The Ozarks Technical Community College Foundation has received a donation of a fire engine from Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus.  The gift will be used for training students in the Fire Science Technology program at OTC. This program teaches nearly 150 students the basic skills of working in the fire service. Dan Whisler, the lead Fire Instructor at OTC, explains the purpose of the program.

 “We really base it around the job duties of a firefighter, you know, they do get some other skills for advancement. Our goal is to prepare them for employment in the fire service at the firefighter level and also prepare those may have experience in the fire service for advancement in that field,” Whisler says.

 Whisler said the program has needed the fire engine for nearly 15 years. He believes the gift will be beneficial for the students for hands-on experience. 

 “This gift—this donation, will really help us. It will, I think, kick us up another notch in the program itself, so we’re really thrilled about it,” Whisler says.

 A dedication of that fire engine will be held Wednesday (February 1) at 10 a.m. in the Student Plaza on OTC’s Springfield Campus. 

 For KSMU, I’m Brittany Donnellan.