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Local College Student Turns Recyclables into Fashion Trend

Not many people would think of putting used household items in their hair, but one local college student is recycling common household junk to create a new fashion trend. KSMU’s Kristian Kriner reports.

Cutting cardboard and crumpling old newspapers is how OTC student, Casey Davis, recycles the trash she finds around her apartment to make hair clips.

At the beginning of the year, Davis says she was sitting around her house thinking about how she could recycle all the old buttons she had lying around.

Davis says she had the idea to just start gluing the buttons together.

“I had just noticed that I had a bunch of buttons sitting around and I knew that I would never sew them back onto my clothes. So, I just started gluing some buttons together and I put a bobby pin to them, and I started wearing it and people started noticing it,” Davis said.

She says she started inventing new ways to crumple old newspapers to make flowers to glue on hair clips.

Davis says she also uses old pennies, feathers and seashells to put on bobby pins.“I just take the newspaper and I crumple it up and squish it together and use a material that makes it hard and wearable, so you can wear it in the rain and it won’t tarnish. Then, I’ve got some clips that I’m making too,” Davis said.

She says she is also making brooches out of used newspapers to wear on scarves or shirts.

Davis says these clips are not only fashionable, but they are also helping the environment because she is recycling old materials.

“It just makes recycling fun. It’s a new way to recycle and you can wear it and you can look good, but it’s also giving old stuff a new home,” Davis said.

Davis currently sells her hair clips online and at local art shows, but she says she hopes her hobby will someday become her full time job.

For KSMU News, I’m Kristian Kriner.