The Second Wave Of The Virus Is Here, Says Springfield-Greene County Health Department Director

Nov 17, 2020

Springfield-Greene County Health Department director, Clay Goddard
Credit City of Springfield

Springfield-Greene County Health Department director, Clay Goddard, said it's clear to him that "we are currently in the teeth of the second wave of the (corona)virus."

Goddard told Springfield City Council Monday Greene County has had a reported 2,486 new COVID-19 cases in the first half of November.

"We've nearly reported in this last week what it took us two weeks to report in October," he said.

But. Greene County is doing better than other jurisdictions in Missouri, according to Goddard, and he's encouraged by the recent news about COVID-19 vaccines.

He was asked what he thought about measures other communities in the state are taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19, such as closing bars early.  He replied, "I worry that by doing the interventions on an island you lose some of the effectiveness, and you just harm yourself economically."

But he said he's in daily contact with Springfield city manager, Jason Gage, to discuss options.

Goddard urged caution in the next few weeks and reminded everyone to stay home and stay safe even though he acknowledged it will be frustrating for many as the holiday season approaches.