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Bill Owen Elected to Represent Missouri’s 131st District in Jefferson City

Josh Conaway

Republican candidate Bill Owen has been elected to Missouri’s 131st state House district. KSMU’s Josh Conaway reports. 

Owen ran to replace the term-limited Sonya Anderson and faced Democratic rival Allison Schoolcraft. On November 3 he won the district by more than 30 points. At the GOP Watch Party at the White River Conference Center in Springfield, he told KSMU he saw more turnout in Greene County than he’s seen in any previous election.

“There’s a really strong turnout down here, particularly in the outlying counties, and that will probably bode quite well for the Republican Party,” Owen said. 

Greene County turnout appears to have topped 80 percent—even higher than predictions, and a clear record for turnout of registered voters in the county. 

The 131st district is just one of several decided Tuesday by Greene County voters.   Other results include:

District 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136 and 137.