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Covering state lawmakers, bills, and policy emerging from Jefferson City.

Photo ID Bill Debated Tuesday in Jefferson City.


The person who runs elections in a southwest Missouri county traveled to the Capitol to testify before the House Elections Committee  in favor of a photo ID bill Tuesday.  Steven Anthony has more from Jefferson City.

Taney County clerk Donna Neeley said throughout her experience as the county's clerk, she's seen voter fraud first-hand.

"I do know that fraud exists.  I have stopped people from voting in my county trying to use old photo ID cards when I knew that they had moved to Greene County," she said.

Opponents of the measure like St. Louis County Representative Clem Smith says the proposal is bad for Missouri.

"I think this is made to be a hinderance, a hiccup in the system to discourage people, actually," he said.

The committee took testimony from interest groups and regular citizens but took no action on the bill.