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McCaskill Asks Missourians to Share their Experiences of Weight Loss Scams

McCaskill urges Missourians to share their stories of weight loss scams. Credit:/Flickr, Alan Cleaver

Sen. McCaskill is working to develop a Senate hearing about consumer scams involving weight loss products. As the chairman of the Consumer Protection Committee, she's asking Missourians to tell her office about their personal experiences with weight loss scams. She spoke with KSMU this week.

"Some of our best hearings have been based on what has actually happened to Missourians, and this is an example where we are drawing upon their experience to guide our investigation and our work," McCaskill said.

With this information, McCaskill hopes to bring companies that were reported by Missouri residents in front of the committee, and "ask them some tough questions." The committee will also put pressure on the Federal Trade Commission, which has jurisdiction in these matters, to increase enforcement efforts.

"We don't want the government going after businesses with too much regulation that causes harm. On the other hand, we do expect them to catch people that are committing crimes and fraud. And that's what this is about," McCaskill said.

McCaskill plans to lead the hearing sometime in the next six months. Visit  to submit stories of weight loss scams.

For KSMU News, I'm Anna Thomas.