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Struckhoff Predicts Lower Turnout Than in 2008; Absentee Ballots, Voter Registration Down From

KSMU archive

Tuesday is Election Day. KSMU’s Theresa Bettmann spoke with the Greene County Clerk on his predictions for voter turnout.

Greene County Clerk Richard Struckhoff told reporters he predicts voter turnout will be down from recent past presidential elections. Stuckhoff says he anticipates 65 to 70 percent of registered voters will cast their ballots. This is in contrast to four years ago, when as many as 71 percent voted.

Struckhoff says the reason for his prediction is because absentee voting is down from past years, with only 8,200 ballots received to date. Struckhoff says absentee ballots are coming in at a rate of no more than 500 a day, compared to past elections tallying over 1,000 daily. He said voter registration is also down from previous years, with only 6,000 new registrations this time around, as compared to four years ago when there were around 10,000.