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City of Springfield Asks Public to Identify Most Important Road, Sidewalk Improvements


The City of Springfield plans to make several improvements to its roads and sidewalks.  Before it does, though, it’s asking for the public’s opinion on what’s most important. KSMU’s Scott Butler reports.

Reporter Standup:  “The City of Springfield’s Department of Public Works has created a survey for citizens to list their top transportation projects.  I’m standing here at one proposed project.  I’m at the intersection of Cherry and Kimbrough, where the department plans to make this intersection more pedestrian friendly by upgrading the sidewalks and ramps…it’s also thinking about updating the so-called push-buttons at the stoplights here.”

“Surveys are some of the most useful tools we have right now, ” Brothers said.

Mike Brothers is a spokesman for the City of Springfield.

“In the past, we might have had a public meeting and we just had a few dozen people show up and I just think in this day and age, as busy as everyone is, we really found that the whole idea of having a public meeting and y’all come type of event just really doesn’t work as well as letting people do it on their own time online,” he said.

The City of Springfield has 70 proposed sites for more user-friendly transportation and safer streets.  According to a press release from the city, Springfield has two sales taxes for transportation improvements that voters have renewed by wide margins in recent years.  All together, these revenue streams will produce about $200 million for improvements over the next 20 years.

“It’s a bit of a new approach to something we have actually done for awhile.  When each of the these sales taxes comes up for renewal, we always give the voters a list of projects that we say these are the projects that will be done, should this tax be renewed,” he said.

To take the survey, visit the Traffic page on the City of Springfield’s website:  The survey results will help Public Works and the City determine where resources should be directed in the coming years. 

For KSMU News, I’m Scott Butler.