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School Officials Remind Drivers to Slow Down

Springfield Public Schools are back in session, and that means speed limits in school zones are in effect. KSMU’s Katie Easley spoke with a school official about the importance of slowing down for kids.

Each morning and afternoon on school days, speed zones of 20 mph are in effect near schools. Tom Tucker is the director of school police services for Springfield Public Schools. “With the beginning of school everyone is going to be excited. Kids are excited to see their friends. They may not be paying as much attention to traffic and things as they ought to be so we want to encourage everybody that is driving a vehicle in or around our school zones to be very watchful,” says Tucker.

Tucker also says parents need to talk to their kids about safety when walking to school.

“Please take a couple minutes and visit with your children about the appropriate ways to walk to school. Talk about obeying traffic signals and signs, and making sure to look both ways before crossing the street. The parents can play a big role in making sure kids are safe when they are in route to school," says Tucker.

Tucker says most Springfield schools have added beacons that will flash during the reduced speed limit hours.

For KSMU News, I’m Katie Easley.