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State Employee Retirement Board Votes to Stop Paying Outside Firm for Information

The board that oversees the state employee retirement system voted overwhelmingly to abandon an anti-terrorism policy that Missouri's former state treasurer championed on national cable news programs. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

The MOSERS Board still has a policy not to invest in companies with ties to terrorism but it no longer pays an outside firm for risk assessments on companies. That's something former state treasurer Sarah Steelman had supported and it brought her national media attention. Current state treasurer Clint Zweifel says he also supports using an outside firm.Board members who voted to stop paying an outside firm for the assessments say it was unecessary expense. MOSERS board member and Republican State Representative Bill Deeken says it was a waste of money.A spokeswoman for Mosers says the board can get some of the same information from the federal government.