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Missouri House to Offer Live Broadcast of Opening Session

For the first time Wednesday, Missourians will be able to see and hear their elected lawmakers start a new legislative session via the internet. KSMU’s Jennifer Moore reports.

The Missouri House has, in the past, offered live audio streaming of the House proceedings, but Wednesday’s opening session will add the element of video as well. That broadcast will be free to anyone with the Internet.

Barry Bennett is the communications director for the Missouri House of Representatives. He said the web streaming can be seen Wednesday by going to the House of Representatives’ website:

"The session is gaveled in at 12 noon as per the Constitution. The election of House Leadership will take place at that time, and the new Speaker of the House is expected to give a speech outlining his priorities for the year. The new speaker is expected to be Representative Ron Richard, of Joplin," Bennett said.

According to Bennett, it is a priority of Representative Richard’s to give the people of Missouri a chance to see what goes on inside the walls of their Capitol building.

He added that this week’s live broadcast is a huge step in realizing that goal.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Moore.