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Democrat's Election Night Watch Party

While the nation's attention was fixed on the Missouri Senate race, local Democrats were also keeping a close eye on many of the local races in Greene County.

KSMU'S Matt Petcoff was at the Democratic Watch Party last night as candidates and supporters gathered to celebrate the results...

Last night's Democratic watch party was filled with food, fun and high hope... the hope for change in many different places.

While the democratic faithful both celebrated their victories and mourned their defeats, most left the party feeling good about the years to come.

Craig Hosmer is the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Greene County.

Early in the evening, as local vote totals were still just trickling in, he says all signs pointed to a successful evening.

Because the local totals were moving in slowly, there was a lot of attention on the national races.

As the results of many of the pivotal races were posted the crowd showed its support for the democratic candidates nationwide.

And, for one of their own... as Charlie Norr was one of the first local candidates to declare victory.

One person who was especially excited to see Norr bring home a victory was fellow state representative Sara Lampe.

Lampe, who defended her seat in Missouri's House of Representatives, said it will be nice not being the only democrat from Springfield making the trip to Jefferson City.

Lampe also says this campaign, compared to her first, was much different.

Win or lose, negative campaigning was still a hot topic even after the results went final.

State senate candidate Doug Harpool, who lost to republican incumbent Norma Champion, echoed Lampe's thoughts on the negative campaigning that went on in all races.

He says he believes the negative campaigns that were run had an effect on his race.

However, talk of the past wasn't all on these elected officials minds.

Representative Lampe says she already has plans for this upcoming term.

As the results began to finally total up and the supporters headed home, many of the democratic officials were keeping an eye on one particular race... the U-S Senate.

But, despite not knowing the outcome of the Jim Talent, Claire McCaskill battle, Craig Hosmer was still optimistic.

Also keeping an eye on the U-S Senate race was Matthew Patterson, the Director of the Greene County Democratic party.

Despite what he called limited sleep over the past couple of days, he says he would stick around to the end to see how the close race turned out.