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Southwest Missouri Representatives Reflect on Session, Part 1

Missouri lawmakers ended their session last Friday. KSMU's Missy Shelton asked several state representatives from Southwest Missouri to reflect on the session.

With the fall of the gavel Friday, lawmakers closed out a session in which Republicans controlled the House, Senate and Governor's Mansion.

Republican Representative Bob Dixon held a leadership position.

He was the Caucus Chairman.

I spoke with him last Friday before the session ended.

Shelton: What have been the highlights for you?

Dixon: All the major legislation that we've done stands out in my mind. We've accomplished many things early in session, which seems like a long time ago to some of us. The tort reform bill, the workman's comp reform bill and more recently, getting the new foundation formula for our public schools through this week has been a highlight. It's been a great session for job creation and economic development and putting the education of our young people as our top priority.

Shelton: Some people might look at what passed this year and say that it's been a pro-business agenda, that a lot of the priorities of the Chamber of Commerce for example or other business groups have passed. Is that an accurate or appropriate characterization?

Dixon: It's certainly been pro-business but when I think of pro-business I think of all the