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Governor Blunt Comes to Springfield and Defends Proposed Medicaid Cuts

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt was in Springfield today to talk about his legislative priorities which he laid out during his State of the State Address. He also defended his proposed Medicaid cuts. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt visited Willard South Elementary School today to talk about his legislative priorities.

He talked about his proposed 4.7 percent increase for public schools.

To obtain that increase for education, Blunt's recommending that lawmakers reduce the number of people who are eligible to receive Medicaid.

Blunt reiterated his position today in Springfield.

Officials with the Department of Social Services estimate that more than 89 thousand people will lose health coverage within one year if Blunt's proposal is implemented.

Some democrats have accused Blunt of breaking campaign promises by proposing to reduce Medicaid eligibility.

Blunt says he's not breaking any promises.

During the gubernatorial debate on October 22 in Springfield, Blunt was asked to name an example of when he disagreed with his party.

Here was his response.

Also in that debate, Blunt said he would not support raising taxes.

His budget proposal reflects that.

During his visit today to Willard South Elementary School, Blunt said his budget proposal is a reasonable one that doesn't include any new taxes.

Blunt's budget proposal calls for 20 percent reductions in the operating budgets of state departments.

He says those reductions, along with the reductions in Medicaid spending will provide a funding increase for public schools.