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Preview of the State of the State Address

This evening at 7, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt will give his State of the State Address.

Missy Shelton has this preview.

The details of the governor's speech have been kept under wraps.

Earlier this week, Governor Matt Blunt gave reporters only a few details about his address.

That's Republican Representative Jim Viebrock of Southwest Missouri'He represents the Republic area.

Viebrock isn't the only Southwest Missouri Representative who's eager to hear the Governor's speech'

And Republican Representative Charlie Denison of Springfield will be a part of it'He says he's a member of the escort committee that will usher the governor into the chamber.

He says he expects the governor to talk about issues like education funding and transportation.

It's not just Republicans who are eager to hear the governor's State of the State Address.

Democrat Barbara Fraser of St Louis says she also expects the governor to focus a lot of his speech on education.

As part of his State of the State Address, the governor will also unveil his budget proposal

Governor Matt Blunt has said he opposes tax increases.

With a projected revenue shortfall and the governor's pledge to fund education, Democratic Representative Barbara Fraser says she worries there won't be enough money for other areas of state government.

Other lawmakers are also interested in seeing how the governor will balance the budget without any new taxes.

Republican Representative Jim Viebrock says it's a difficult task and he says there might be a need to bring in some new revenue.

Democratic legislative leaders will give their response to Blunt's speech at a press conference this evening.