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Missouri GOP local caucuses will get underway at 10 a.m. Saturday

Greene County Republican Central Committee Chair Danette Proctor visits with attendees of a watch party in 2022.
Greene County Republicans
Greene County Republican Central Committee Chair Danette Proctor visits with attendees of a watch party in 2022.

Counties across the state will take part in the caucuses, and Missouri Republicans registered to vote are invited to be part of it.

The Missouri GOP will host local caucuses Saturday, March 2, in counties across the state as well as the City of St. Louis.

The Republican Party will be conducting a series of caucuses and conventions to elect delegates to represent Missouri at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin July 16-18. That’s where the Republican Party will elect its nominee for President and Vice President of the United States.

Local caucuses get underway Saturday morning at 10.

The Missouri Republican Party asks participants to arrive to caucus with plenty of time to check in.

The Greene County Caucus will be held at the Oasis Convention Center, 2546 N. Glenstone in Springfield. Greene County Republican Central Chair Danette Proctor explained what will happen when a participant arrives.

“When you first get there we will have greeters to greet you and welcome you," she said. "We'll also be handing out the 2024 Missouri Republican Party caucus pledge. Everyone does need to complete that and sign it, and, once that's done, you'll be directed to either the poll pads...or pre-registration. You'll have to show your photo I.D. and give them your signed pledge, and they will make sure you're listed as a Greene County voter and then they will give you a credential card, and you can go into the caucus floor."

Pre-registration is closed, but Proctor said walk-ins are welcome.

Proctor said a credentials committee, led by Shane Schoeller, will count how many are on the caucus floor. After nominations are made, she said, participants will break into groups: Those who support Donald Trump for president, those who back Nikki Haley and those who choose David Stuckenberg.

"It's a 50% plus one winner-take-all," said Proctor, "so if Trump is there, and he has more than 50%, all of the delegates will be elected from his sub-caucus. If you're 15% or less, you're knocked out, but those people that are in there can then join the remaining sub-caucuses. And, once you're in that sub-caucus, then you will be electing 42 delegates and 42 alternates to move on to the 7th Congressional Convention, and then you will be electing 42 delegates and 42 alternates moving on to the state convention."

Once delegates are elected, Proctor said they will open the floor for any additions or changes to the Republican Party's platform. You can view the draft platform here.

Here are the locations of other area caucuses:

Christian County’s Caucus will be at the Ozark Junior High, 1109 W. Jackson.

The Taney County Republican Caucus will be held at the Forsyth Middle School Gym, 178 Panther St.

Republicans in Lawrence County will caucus at the MARC, 822 W. Mt. Vernon Blvd. in Mt. Vernon.

You can find your county’s location at

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