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14-year-old guitar prodigy from Australia will take the stage at The Riff in Springfield Saturday night

Guitarist Taj Farrant performs at a show
Taj Farrant's official website
Guitarist Taj Farrant performs at a show

The show, with headliner Taj Farrant, starts October 14 at 8 p.m., and doors will open at 6. There's a $35 cover charge.

Taj Farrant wowed the judges on Australia's Got Talent when he was just nine years old — two years after he first picked up a guitar. The teen will perform at The Riff, 1900 W. Sunset in Springfield, Saturday night, October 14, along with local band Nathan Bryce and Loaded Dice. His 12-year-old sister Jizel plays drums and will open the show.

The family, including dad Brandin, mom Cassie and their two children, stopped by the KSMU studios to talk about their musical journey thus far.

*KSMU corrected the headline due to an error regarding the venue's location.