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Winter Weather Preparedness Week is underway, a time to start thinking about freezing weather ahead

Snowy road
Snowy road

This week is Winter Weather Preparedness Week, and, even though temperatures have been mild lately, snow and ice could be just a few weeks away.

The State Emergency Management Agency in Missouri says you should prepare now for cold weather and winter precipitation.

SEMA officials urge people to stay home during winter storms if possible to allow time for snow removal crews to do their job. If you have to be out during a winter storm, make sure your gas tank is more than half full.

Create a family emergency kit with things like bottled water, nonperishable food, a battery-powered radio, flashlights, extra batteries and a first aid kit. If power outages are possible, charge cell phones in advance so you have a way to communicate.

Keep a winter emergency kit in your vehicle with blankets, a radio, snacks, flares and a shovel and sand.

Make sure alternate heat sources are working properly and that there’s adequate ventilation. Use space heaters correctly.

And know the risks of exposure to cold temperatures.

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