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Convoy of Hope Deploys Team to Hurricane Devastated Bahamas

Convoy of Hope

A team of disaster relief workers from Springfield-based Convoy of Hope is headed to The Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian sevrely damaged entire swaths of the country and caused seawater to flood up to the attics of many homes. Spokesman Jeff Nene said the relief organization often delivers its supplies through airports. But two of the closest airports to the devastated areas are underwater.

Nene said a logistics team is working to determine how to get the supplies there quickly.

“So what we would do, for example, in some cases is:  we would take product from our Springfield warehouse, truck it to Florida, and then in Florida, would put it on a boat, take it out to The Bahamas—but not until we identify where is a safe place to drop, or deposit that food, water and supplies,” Nene said.

Looting is already a problem in The Bahamas, he said, because some people have begun to panic without food, clean water and shelter. The team in The Bahamas will begin by giving out solar lights and water filters immediately, Nene said.

Convoy of Hope has a history of hurricane relief work in The Bahamas, having provided disaster assistance there in 2015 after Hurricane Joaquin.  The organization is also positioning a team in the continental US to help Hurricane victims there.