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MDC Proposes Framework for Elk-Hunting Season

Larry Smith

The Missouri Department of Conservation recently proposed the framework for a limited elk-hunting season, meaning Missourians could begin elk-hunting as early as next year. But, it’s dependent on a number of factors. 

The Missouri Department of Conservation announced its plan for elk-hunting at last week’s Missouri Conservation Commission public meeting at the MDC headquarters in Jefferson City. The commission gave the plan its initial approval.

The proposed plan would offer a limited season for hunting elk once the herd reaches a minimum of 200 with an annual growth rate of at least 10% with a ratio of four cow elk to every one bull elk. There are currently about 175 elk.

Research from MDC suggests the herd should reach 200 animals by 2020.

MDC spokesperson Joe Jerek said they have designated a nine-day archery season for elk running October 17th through the 25th and a nine-day firearms season for elk running December 12th through the 20th.

“Elk-hunting in Missouri would be limited to Missouri residents who are at least 11 years of age and have their hunter education certification. Now, the permits would be assigned through a random lottery of all applicants,” Joe Jerek said.

MDC will require a $10 application fee to be eligible as well as a $50 fee if someone is chosen to receive a permit.

If the elk population is below the desired 200 animals with a 10% growth rate and a ratio of four cow elk to every one bull elk, permits may not be issued for 2020 and MDC will focus on 2021.

Until then, MDC is looking for public comments on the proposed elk-hunting season. Those who wish to give comments can do so by visiting online.