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Springfield Program for the Retirement Community Gains Attention Nationally

Give 5

Give 5 is a five week-long free program that helps match retirees with volunteer opportunities
based on their specific passions and personalities.

Co-creator, Greg Burris, believes as Baby Boomers retire, they'll continue to give back. According to Burris, people in that age group, as a whole, have focused on creating change at every step in their lives.

“When we retire we are looking to give back and be engaged and remain engaged in the community that is fulfilling for us. A lot of us lose our identity when we retire because we got so much of our identity from our work and our jobs and then the day we retire we ask ourselves who am I now? Volunteerism and getting engaged back in our community give them that identity back and reignites something inside them," said Burris

Burris and co-creator Cora Scott have been busy spreading the word across the nation about the advantages of implementing Give 5  in communities both large and small. They recently spoke at the US Conference of mayors in Huston, and are scheduled to attend more conferences  this year.  

The Missouri Municipal League announced Give 5 as the winner of the 2019 Innovation Award in the Extra- Large City Category

“We are very appreciative, we are humbled by it, but we are also very honored by it
because we do think it is rather innovative," said Burris

If you are interested in applying or would like more information, visit SGFGIVE5.ORG .