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Springfield Airport: Boeing’s Aircraft Under Review Doesn’t Fly Here

KSMU File Photo

A spokesman for the Springfield-Branson National Airport says Boeing’s new jet that’s part of an investigation for safety concerns doesn’t fly into Springfield.

Kent Boyd told KSMU the newer model of the Boeing 737, the MAX 8, hasn’t made it to Springfield, as far as he knows.

“The airliner has not been in service very long. As I understand it, only about one percent of the 737s flying in the United States are the MAX 8,” Boyd said.

A Boeing 737 MAX 8 operated by Ethiopian Airlines crashed Sunday, killing all 157 people on board.

It’s the second disaster involving a MAX 8 aircraft in less than six months.

The American-made Boeing 737 MAX fleet was designed to be more fuel efficient and to give a sense of spaciousness for passengers on board.

Boeing says the 737 MAX is the “fastest selling airplane in Boeing history.”  In a press release, the company said it is working with the FAA to change the fleet’s software over the coming weeks.

As of Tuesday,Boeing’s website still touted the 737 MAX as having “unmatched reliability.”

Boyd said the Springfield-Branson National Airport does occasionally see older Boeing 737 planes, and they’re usually charter airlines.  Those are not the same aircraft under FAA review.