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MSU’s Half-court Buzzer-beater: ‘It Felt Good When It Left My Hands.’

Missouri State University

It was the shot heard around the world—the basketball shot, and the sports world, that is. 

Missouri State University senior basketball guard Jarred Dixon launched a buzzer-beating, game-winning shot from half-court Sunday.

With about seven seconds left in the ball game against Illinois State, Missouri State University trailed by two points. Jarred Dixon, the son and brother of former college basketball players, was on the court as Illinois State brought the ball in.

“I knew before the other team took the ball out that there was about five, six seconds, or something like that. So I knew there was not a lot of time,” Dixon said.

Suddenly, there was a turnover.

Then a host of players on the floor at half-court, arms and legs flying everywhere in an attempt to grab the loose ball.

“Just when the ball was scrambling and the ball was up for grabs on the floor, if it was to happen to get to me, I was going to have to shoot it, no matter what,” Dixon said.

Finally, the ball found Dixon’s hands, who took one dribble before heaving it toward the basket.

“It felt good when it left my hands at half-court…I just released and fired,” Dixon said.

It left his hands. The buzzer went off. He was so far from the goal, it took a solid two seconds for the ball to travel through the air—an eternity for the crowd, who were collectively holding their breath.

“And it went in. It felt like a dream, honestly. It was just a great moment that I’ll never forget,” Dixon said.

Since then, ESPN, the NCAA, and even British news outlet The Daily Mail have shared the video. Dixon said he had to turn his phone off because of all the attention.

His parents were at the game and gave hugs before heading back to Kansas City that night; he said his biggest fan is the person he grew up shooting hoops with—his older brother, who now plays basketball professionally overseas.