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Missouri Voters Will Not be Required to Sign Sworn Statement Without Photo ID at Polls, Judge Says

Ken Zirkel

Missouri voters will not be required to sign a sworn statement if they don’t have a photo ID on November 6—that’s after a Cole County judge struck down part of the law on voter ID Tuesday.

A photo ID law was implemented in Missouri in June 2017. It said that voters who did not present a proper photo ID at the polls had to either present a provisional ballet or sign a sworn statement saying that they did not have a photo ID.

But Missouri Senior Judge Richard Callahan issued a statement on Tuesday saying that you will not be required to sign an affidavit if you cannot present a photo ID at the polls.

In a written statement, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said Callahan’s ruling prohibits enforcement of the law in the upcoming elections. 

Ashcroft said if you are a registered Missouri voter, you will not need a photo ID to vote in the upcoming election.