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Missouri Auditor Begins Audit of Dallas County

Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway's office said the most recent audit of Dallas County was completed in 2014 and, the county received a fair rating. 

According to Galloway, her audits examine how public resources are used, point out problems when there has been inappropriate use of those resources and make recommendations on how taxpayers can be better served. 

She encourages Dallas County residents with information that coulld be helpful to the audit to reach out to her office through teh Whistlebloser Hotline at 1-800-347-8597.  The information will remain confidential, she said.  Information may also be shared by emailing

The 2014 audit included several findings within the sheriff's office, including poor accounting controls and procedures, the absence of a written agreement for a commissary vendor and a continued failure by the sheriff to implement procedures to periodically review cases and dispose of siezed cash, according to the auditor's office.  The audit also reported problems with controls and procedures in the offices of county assessor, prosecuting attorney adn public administrator.