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'All School Exhibition' Gives Art Students a Chance to Shine

Megan Burke

The Springfield Art Museum is exhibiting student artwork from all grade levels in public, private and parochial schools in the annual All School Exhibition.

Museum director Nick Nelson says the exhibit has been important to families of Springfield for over 40 years.
 He says this year's exhibit includes quotes from students that highlight what art teaches them.
“You know, a lot of times people think of art classes as teaching kids how to be artists, but really, one of the wonderful things students learn in art classes are things like problem solving, critical thinking, how to be innovative, how to collaborate. These are all really

Credit Megan Burke / KSMU
Kickapoo high school student Andrew Paxson's art is among those featured in the exhibit.

Credit Megan Burke / KSMU
The exhibit includes art from students and art teachers across Springfield.

important 21st Century learning skills,” Nelson said.

Kickapoo High School senior Andrew Paxson has two pieces on display at the exhibit. He says art has helped him succeed in his other subjects throughout high school.

“I think that the fine arts enrich individuals in the same way that working on your coordination does when you’re a basketball player. There’s an acuity there that other people may not foster,” Paxson said.
Paxson has received the most recognition for his self portrait titled “Ozymandias,” which is named after a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
“Ozymandias, in many ways for me is just, uh, contemplating my own legacy - the things I leave behind and whether or not they’ll matter,” he said.
Growing up, Paxson says his former art teacher Mrs. Thomas, who taught him at Cowden Elementary, helped him realize he had a knack for art and that he could do more with a pencil and paper than he ever thought possible.
Paxson plans to go to college and join the Air Force. He says he will continue to create art as a hobby.
The All School Exhibition is on display at the Springfield Art Museum until April 29.