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Christian County Law Officials Support Brother-in-Arms with Beards

City of Nixa

Nixa and Ozark Police Departments, along with the Christian County Sherriff’s Office will be sporting a furrier look this November to support a colleague and his family. The daughter of Nixa Public Schools Police Officer Shane Ribbing was recently diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. In response to this, Ribbing’s fellow police officers have started a ‘No Shave November’ fundraiser for the family.

Jill Finney, communications director for the Nixa Police Department, says that the officers have pulled together in a time of need.

“Everybody in the community is kind of pulling together to help afford the treatment. I know that the mother has had to quit her job in order to take care of the treatments, so that was income that they are no longer getting plus all the added medical bills and such. We just wanted to show our support and say that they aren’t going through this alone.”

While it is not yet known how many officers will be participating in the beard-growing event, says Finney, even those who choose to remain clean-shaven will be donating to the Ribbing’s family. 

Originally conceptualized by the Ozark Police Department as a fundraising competition, more discussion on the issue helped them decide on a different direction.

“From what I understand, it was Ozark Police Department’s idea, and they reached out to both Christian County Sheriff’s Office and Nixa Police Department to see if they wanted to do a challenge. Then after a little bit of discussion they agreed that maybe it wasn’t best to make it a contest, but a collaborative effort to raise money for the Ribbings family. They just felt like it would mean more if it was a collaborative effort rather than a contest.”

Participating officers will donate $50 to not shave their faces through the entire month of November. They are still encouraged to keep their facial hair neatly trimmed, however mandated grooming policies will not go back into effect until December 1. 

Community support is welcomed though the family’s Facebook page “Prayers for Emma Grace.” Ozark residents can also donate to the Ribbing’s Family by going to their Go-Fund Me account.