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Meth Series Story 6

In the final segment of KSMU's series on methamphetamine, Michele Skalicky talks with counselors and others at the Carol Jones Recovery Center for Women.

For women desperately seeking help kicking the meth habit, the Carol Jones Recovery Center for Women can be a godsend.

The center offers a comprehensive substance abuse program called C-Star, which lasts for six months. Marla Gamble is a counselor at the center

Carol Jones Recovery Center counselor Virginia Ford says meth is the largest drug problem in the population they serve. They see a variety of ages from 18 to around 45.

Gamble views IV use of meth in this area as an epidemic

Gamble has seen a number of women come thru the center in the last six months addicted to ice, pure smokeable methamphetamine

According to Virginia Ford, there are special considerations counselors need to keep in mind when treating those addicted to meth

Ford says it's very difficult to kick the meth habit since the addiction takes hold quickly and holds tight.

Gamble agrees

Some women who end up at the Carol Jones Recovery Center for Women seek help on their own. For some, they've hit rock bottom and are faced with jail time or loss of their children if they don't get help

Sue Standingbear is a community support workers at the Carol Jones Recovery Center. She says the most important thing she does is help those trying to get clean become involved in their community

Standingbear also helps clients at the center find activities to get involved in to replace the desire to use drugs

Marla Gamble says counselors and others at the Carol Jones Recovery Center for Women do a lot of re-parenting with the women they serve. She calls their program a new beginning

And those who complete the program successfully have a chance to celebrate. Lisa See, CSW supervisor at The Carol Jones Recovery Center for Women says they have on overage 10 graduates a month, and they have a special graduation ceremony

The KSMU series on Methamphetamine is on the web at For KSMU, I'm Michele Skalicky.