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Two Citizens Present Opposing Views at Council Meeting

With 22 days until the proposed one cent sales tax increase goes to the ballot only two citizens came before City Council last night to express their opinions on the matter.KSMU’s Erika Brame was there and files this report.

Last night’s city council meeting was the first of the year, but it focused on one of last year’s proposals.The one cent sales tax increase, which was proposed to solve the budget shortfall for the Police and Fire Pension Fund, was one topic at the meeting.Springfield resident Carl Herd came armed with a slide show to demonstrate his concerns about the issue.He created a list of expenditures by the council over the last year and says it’s time to for the city to start cutting back.

“Those are pruning sheers; February is the month to prune. I personally think this will be healthy for the city of Springfield. We’ve over grown; we’re spending way too much money on things that are not absolutely necessary. You talk to the average citizen and you’ll find out. So I’ll conclude with, vote no February 3rd,” he said.However, the only other citizen to speak on the issue is all for the one cent sales tax increase.Troy Compton came to council to thank them for their hard work on the issue.

“You as the elected officials have thoroughly researched the issues as have many other citizens. A proposed solution has been found and I want to commend the city manager and city council for their work and urge every citizen of Springfield to vote yes,” he said.

The one cent sales tax increase will now be up to the voters come February 3rd.The election is also the primary for city council and the city mayor. For KSMU News I’m Erika Brame.