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Missouri State Holds Watch Party to Support Students on NBC

Tuesday night over one hundred Missouri State University students gathered to watch some fellow students compete for a million dollars. KSMU's Nathan McVay reports.

Missouri State University held a watch party to support the group Cadence on the semi-finals of NBC's America's Got Talent.

The drum group comprised mostly of Missouri State students performed regularly at downtown's Icon Nightclub before auditioning for the television reality competition.

Over 100 students gathered in the Plaster Student Union on the campus of Missouri State to watch. Some students said they were nervously waiting for them to perform while Missouri State sophomore Alex Jones just wanted to casually support his fellow bears.

"I don't know why we would be nervous, we are just going to be going crazy here watching them on the big screen"

Students watched the two hour show in the food court of the Plaster Student Union on a large projection screen. For senior Mana Boushehri, she says seeing that many people come to support fellow classmates really instills a lot of school spirit.

"It's really interesting to see all of campus come together and then to see everyone come into the union and sit down together for an hour is really exciting too."

At 7:57, after watching five acts ranging from a cross dressing Brittney Spears impersonator to a child stage combat expert, Cadence took the stage to perform its drum act.

After the performance, the large crowd of Missouri State students erupted. Bousherhri says she thinks the group did great and she hopes Cadence gets enough votes to advance to the finals.

"I think everyone that was hearing was calling and texting everyone they knew saying just call, just text, just e-mail and vote for them"

Fans of the acts were allowed to call, text, and go online to vote for their favorite act after the show concluded.

Tonight at 7 the live results will air and Cadence and all of Missouri State will find out who made the finals. Missouri State senior Mark Abbott is in a fraternity with two of the members of Cadence. He says the group has nothing to worry about.

"I think they will get voted through, I think we have enough pretty faces up there, that they will definitely get voted through, and their talent really shined through. And the fact that they are really striving to make themselves something"

Five acts from Tuesday night's show will make it to the finals. Twenty acts will get to compete for 1 million dollars and a live Las Vegas show.