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Springfield Foundation Builds Homes in Nicaragua

A Springfield based charity is helping to house those in need in Nicaragua.

KSMU's Matt Petcoff reports on what this foundation is doing to help in the poorest Spanish-speaking country in the world...

Springfield's own Rainbow Network, a non-denominational Christian organization, is working to help the underprivileged in Nicaragua.

So far the organization has completed 500 homes which allow about four thousand people to live under a sturdy roof.

Mark Struckhoff is the United States Director for the Rainbow Network.

He says the funding for this project comes from all over the U-S, with a large chunk coming from right here in Springfield.

The homes that Rainbow Network is building in Nicaragua include a cement floor, solid tin roof and a clean water supply.

These homes are different than those often found in Nicaragua which often consist of metal scraps, cardboard, plastic or rotten boards.

To celebrate this milestone, Rainbow Network has invited a few its senior staff members from Nicaragua up to Springfield.

They will take part in a celebration on this afternoon.