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Drury University Holds "Walk the Lane in Her Shoes"

Male Drury students sport high heels during their “Walk the Lane in Her Shoes” Wednesday, similar to that of “Walk a Mile

That’s the sound of Andrew Manzardo, president of the IntraFraternity council, taking his first steps in heels today, as he sets up for the fifth annual “Walk the Lane in Her Shoes” event.

“I think it’s really important that the whole campus knows that we’re not just a bunch of crazy party people, but we actually, you know, like to support women and support causes like this, and show how much we care,” Manzardo said.

The event was held at noon Wednesday, during Drury’s service day. There, fraternities and other male students could sign up, and pick from a selection of pretty pink heels and flip-flops.

The men carry large signs that show statistics about sexual assault and abuse to women as they walk from the Findlay Student Center down Drury Lane in their heels. Sororities and other female students usually cheer them on.  Juan Franco is the event coordinator of the IntraFraternity council.

“We have a very negative stereotype associated with Greek men, and these are one of the best opportunities we have to break that stereotype, and just not only prove that we are a responsible part of society, but that we support, not only sorority members, but every female that has gone through some sort of traumatic experience,”  Franco said.

The council encourages the community to come out next year as well, for a chance to put on their own heels, and take a walk to raise awareness for sexual assault and abuse.

For KSMU News, I’m Anna Thomas.