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Community Foundation of the Ozarks gives Arts, Culture, and Environment Grants

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks gave 11 Springfield non-profit organizations a total sum of 175 thousand dollars in grants this morning. The grants will help support the organization's arts, culture, and conversation projects. KSMU's Emily Nash was at the announcement and has more about the projects.

Each of the eleven non-profit organizations receiving money today will use the funds in projects that address red flag issues which were identified in the Community Focus report.

Chris Whitehead, Regional Development Director for the Boys and Girl's Club of Springfield says the grant will support a digital arts program for the Boys and Girls Club.

The Springfield Symphony also received a grant this morning.

Lisa Spigelman is the marketing manager of the Springfield Symphony,

She says the grant will help start a program that lets four Title One elementary schools plan community symphony concerts.

100 thousand dollars of the grant money is going toward the Stewardship Ozarks Initiative, which promotes conservation and education of the Ozarks environment.

Misty Mitchell is the director of conservation programs for the Wonders of Wildlife.

She says, the Wonder's of Wildlife and the Watershed Committee are starting a program called "Wonders of the Watershed" with the grant.

This is the second of three grant presentations by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.