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Springfield Named a "Safe Community" - Pt. Two

The World Health Organization named the city of Springfield a "Safe Community" Tuesday morning.

In the second installment of a two part report, KSMU's Matt Petcoff explains the local significance of this designation...

For more than 17 years, the World Health Organization has educated communities around the world on the importance of community safety.

And, on Tuesday, the city of Springfield joins an international network of communities working to promote safety initiatives to prevent needless accidents and deaths.

The Safety Council of the Ozarks led the effort making Springfield the 113th city worldwide to receive the W-H-O designation.

Debora Biggs is the Executive Director of the Safety Council of the Ozarks.

She says this designation attests to members of the community working together to promote safety.

One agency closely involved in community safety is the Springfield Police Department.

One program it helped create to promote safety is the "Walking School Bus".

This program offers Weaver elementary students a chance to walk to school together, with a chaperon, as a safer alternative than walking alone.

Police Chief Lynn Rowe says the designation as a "Safe Community" doesn't mean they can become complacent.

Many local officials attended the designation ceremony including City Manager Bob Cumley, Presiding County Commissioner Dave Coonrod and Mayor Pro Tem Gary Deaver.

These individuals, as well as many other local officials, also took part in the "Safe Community" agreement signing.