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Greenwood Lab School Reaches First of Three Funding Goals for Major Renovation

Greenwood Renovation
Bailey Vassalli

Funds for phase one of a multi-million dollar renovation to Greenwood Laboratory School on the Missouri State University campus have been raised. The school hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, celebrating the $1.4 million that will allow for upgrades to its locker rooms.

The school’s five-person project steering committee will now focus on raising funds for the two final phases.

The laboratory school celebrates its 110-year anniversary in 2018. The current facility is 50 years old. Darla Rosen is a Greenwood parent and a member of the steering committee. She said the committee has a July 31, 2018 deadline to fundraise and will be reaching out to Greenwood families, alumni and local community members.

“I think we see (what) Greewood has done for both the university and (as) an integral part of the Department of Education,” said Rosen. “We see this (updated) facility as helping long-term with Greenwood and bringing it into the next 110 years.”

Doug Sampson, Missouri State’s university architect and director of Planning, Design and Construction, said there are three total renovation phases.

The locker rooms are set to be completed by July 2018, which MSU has committed $850,000. Bobby Allison pledged a $2 million “challenge” gift to start fundraising on the last two phases.

$ 3 million will pay for the second phase, a multi-purpose gymnasium facing Bear Boulevard. The new space will double the size of the gym and seating capacity, said Rosen.

Greenwood Renovation
Credit Bailey Vassalli / KSMU
The audience cheers for Bobby Allison (center, blue and striped overalls), on Nov. 8 after learning of his $2 million "challenge" gift to the school.

The committee hopes this multi-purpose expansion will allow alumni to return to the school to attend games, as well as allow current Greenwood students to host events like district music competitions and regional speech and debate tournaments.

The final phase, at an estimated $ 2 million, will allow for a performance stage, larger event entrance central to the gymnasium and a welcome center.

“We just love making improvements for the university, (and) we’re always trying to make the university better for all our students, including the Greenwood students,” Sampson said.

Rosen said the committee’s goal is to provide a successful environment for student learning.

“We like to say how Greenwood is like a family, and I didn’t really understand that until my children started going here,” Rosen said. “Because of its size, and because of the history and the long tradition with it being a 110-year-old school, we hold on to those traditions and take pride in them.”

More information on donating to the Greenwood project can be found at The Missouri State Foundation’s webpage or by calling 417-836-4143.