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Summer Meal Program Provides Affordable Breakfasts, Lunches to Anyone in the Community.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is partnering with Springfield Public Schools to provide children with free breakfast and lunch during the summer months.

Kim Keller, assistant director of nutrition services for Springfield Public Schools, says this program is different from the meal program during the regular school year.

“The summer meal program that we offer at Springfield Schools is our summer food service program that’s offered through the Department of Health and Senior Services.”

According to Keller, anyone 18 or younger can go to any of 28 sites that offer the program and eat breakfast or lunch for free. The child does not have to be enrolled in the Explore! summer school program to receive these meals.

During the summer, some children don’t have access to healthy meals at home to start their day. Keller believes that this program will help them.

“I think that it gives them an opportunity to have breakfast and lunch and get their day started with a full tummy and minds that are ready to learn.” 

Adults can eat, too, at a cost of $1.75 for breakfast and $3.25 for lunch.

Last summer, this program served over 245,000 meals, and according to Keller, they are looking to serve at least that many this year.

The summer meal program began on May 30, and will continue until July 28. The sites are open Monday through Friday.

For a list of locations where meals are served, click here.

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