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Show Me Chefs Receives College Arts Emmy Nomination

Claire Kidwell
The production crew of Show Me Chefs

The local television show “Show Me Chefs,” produced by Missouri State University and 319 Events Center, has been nominated for a College Arts Emmy.

“This Emmy nomination is actually a huge deal for us. It’s like top three in the nation for non-fiction TV series, and we got nominated for Show Me Chefs season 2,” Jasmine Lee, one of the show’s producers, tells KSMU.

This show has completed two seasons, which are available online, and its third season is currently in production. The Emmy nomination is for season two in the Un-Scripted Television Series category. The winners will be announced in Los Angeles on May 24th.

“It’s held in the same place as that you would see the Emmy’s, like the television Emmy’s, on TV being held, it’s got the red carpet and everything. It’s a tremendous honor,” says Ben Fowler, marketing lead with Show Me Chefs. 

Fowler says the program is a culinary cooking competition.

“We’re a webcast and broadcast television show. We spotlight local talent and local food producers to help build a Springfield community focused television show.”

Competing chefs must complete three rounds of dishes from a grouping of mystery ingredients the show provides. The show’s finale is a competition between the best two chefs of that season.

Show Me Chefs also works as a capstone experience for media-related student majors at Missouri State University, where the program is produced. Lee states that by working on this show, she’s gained critical skills to help her in the real world.

“I’ve learned a lot of communication skills, like how to talk to my crew members, stuff like that, and also I’m working on the website this season, like review the website and redecorating the website,” said Lee.

Fowler adds that this will help them as they explore career options after college.

“It’s an experience that not a lot of media students or just students overall nation-wide can have on their resume. A lot of people don’t have this experience, this opportunity, and so I think it’s really great that MSU offers this program to our MJF students.”

MJF stands for Media, Journalism, and Film, an area in which both Fowler and Lee are studying.

Fowler joined the crew this year and serves as its marketing lead, while Lee oversaw marketing for season two and is currently a producer for the show. They both agree that there is a “bit of a learning curve” from the outset, but working on this team will help them in the future.

“That just really gets me the experience that I need to do that and pursue that coming out of graduation,” says Fowler.

Learn more about Show Me Chefs and see full episodes here.