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College Students Learn International Issues Through Model UN

Midwest Model United Nations Website

Eric Weiler has always had an interest in international politics and relations. So upon learning about Midwest Model United Nations, Weiler was excited about the opportunity to participate.

The organization allows college students to broaden their view of the political world through simulated pressing international issues. This includes the mock role of another nation’s delegation to the United Nations.

As head delegate for the Russian federation, Eric Weiler says his job during the recent Model UN Conference in St Louis was to represent the economic and social council.

“I became more aware of the political process and how a lot of times it can be built on the relationships between people and at the end of the day lawmakers are a group of people who are trying to get stuff done and a lot of that is based on people working with each other”.

Issues range from terrorism, the rule of law and international justice systems to the U.N.’s role in peace building.

Weiler is double majoring in International Business and Chinese at Missouri State University. He says by participating in the organization he’s learned about different countries and their cultures, specifically Russia and Ethiopia. That includes economic development, among other aspects of government. He adds that Midwest Model United Nations is an organization that people of all backgrounds and interest can join.

“It’s open to anyone, anyone who’s interested of all majors, most people are usually either political science or international business or global studies but we have people from biology and journalism it’s open to anyone who’s interested”.

The Springfield/MSU chapter meets each Tuesday from 6-7 pm in room 304 of Strong Hall. More information can be found on its Facebook page and website.