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Rubik's Cube Mosaic Helps Nixa Students Master Math

Sorrells 6th Grade Class

Proud 6thgraders are showing off their hard work. As part of their Math Unit, the students at Summit Intermediate School made Rubik’s Cube mosaics, one featuring Abraham Lincoln and the other, Albert Einstein.

Not only did the students learn three dimensional shapes, transformations, and symmetry from the project; they also mastered what most people can't--the Rubik’s cube. One student there is Pheonix Booth.

“Most people think you can just turn it and it will be solved but there is a riddle to it and not a lot of people know how to solve it. One day I went home because I almost had it here and then I solved the Rubik’s Cube,” Booth said.

Paula Sorrell is the math teacher who decided it would be a fun and educational project for her students.

“A big thing, their problem solving, their critical thinking, it is all there but cooperation. I have seen a lot of that with this project as well. They have been real excited about it so, they work together to get it done,” said Sorrell.

6thgrade student Nathan Vanderbunt was excited to say that it only took the class an hour to finish the red, blue, orange, yellow, and white mosaic of Albert Einstein.

“Up close it just looks like individual little cubes and little colors but back here it looks like a pixilated picture,” said Vanderbunt.

For KSMU news, I’m Shannon Bowers.