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Permanent Art Piece Installed at Springfield Art Museum

An artist has been hard at work this week at the Springfield Art Museum on a permanent piece in the King Gallery.

Tilted Sky is made up of thousands of Egyptian cotton threads, and it’s made to feel like you’re walking under the sky.

"So, the first thing, of course, that tipped my curiosity was the ceiling and the way the ceiling is shaped with the barrel vault and lit.  It sort of immediately caused me to think about sky and sort of what is above," said Anne Lindberg.

Lindberg, who was commissioned by the museum to create the piece, was specifically asked to transform the architectural space from a static, pass-through corridor into an activated and contemplative gallery space.

The installation is just above the viewers’ space, drawing the eye up.  Lindberg wants the piece to feel like a “cloud of color.”

"It slowly changes color, and it slowly rises from human height up to close to the soffits where the lights are," she said.

According to Lindberg, the installation involved casting thousands of very fine threads from wall to wall with staples, which are also part of the piece.  It’s made up of eight sections.

"And so there's a kind of pacing or promenade down the space that's encouraged," she said.

As threads were stapled into the wall, Springfield Art Museum curator Sara Buhr talked about Lindberg’s vision.

"Anne really conceived of it as an experience, you know, as a path, as a trajectory, as an experience to kind of take you down the space," she said.

The museum is acquiring the work, and it will remain on exhibit long-term.

A Q & A with Lindberg will be held tonight (6/10) from 5 to 6 at the museum.