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Beard and Mustache Competition to Raise Money for Charity

2011 winner Joe Livingston. Photo taken by Christy's Custom Photography.

Springfield’s hairier residents will be teasing and styling their faces for the 3rdannual Beard and Mustache competition at Patton Alley Pub.  KSMU’s Matthew Barnes reports.

For anyone that takes pride in their facial hair style whether it is a goatee, mutton chops or the always appropriate handle bar mustache you ‘ll be able to spend a day with other like-minded people for charity at this year’s Beard and Mustache Competition.  Christy Claybaker is the coordinator for the event.

“My husband has had a beard since we met 14 years ago and it seemed like a fun way to get the community together and raise some money,” says Claybaker.

Joe Livingston has been growing his beard for 22 years and was last year’s natural full beard category winner.

“Well after having two kids its gotten pretty grey but it’s a rather full beard I say it’s about a foot, foot and a half long,” says Livingston.

The contest will consist of seven different categories, according to Claybaker. Women will be able to participate as well.

“Six of them will be predominately for the men but then we also last year added the fake beard or mustache category to allow the ladies to be creative and participate as well,” says Claybaker.

According to claybaker, the event has already raised $1,400 for Ozarks Food Harvest Weekend Backpack Program.

“It’s provides food for children in need over the weekend also during the summer break. A lot of the kids in our community go hungry and this is a great way to supplement,” says Claybaker.

The program helps children from lower income families by giving them a  backpack full of kid friendly foods to last them over the weekend when they can’t get meals from school.

The event will be held Saturday April 21stat Patton Alley Pub. Registration for the contest is required. For KSMU News, I’m Matthew Barnes.