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Springfield Faces Severe Weather Late Tonight

Much of the Ozarks area might be facing severe weather late this evening as a warm front heads into the area. KSMU’s Brittany Donnellan reports.             

Jon Kurtz is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service and says that as that warm front drags in moisture this evening, severe thunderstorms are likely to result.  Kurtz says the storms will probably occur between two and three a.m. He also warned of a severe hail risk, reaching up to golf-ball sized hailstones.

Kurtz says there is a low risk for tornados this evening, but that they are possible. 

“The risk for storms is going to be pretty far south along the Missouri-Arkansas-border.”

Kurtz reminds families to have their radios tuned to local media outlets and to stay prepared in the case of emergency weather. He says that late night and early morning storms can be the most dangerous because people are asleep and don’t hear the severe weather alerts.

For KSMU News, I’m Brittany Donnellan.