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Rate of Springfield Drivers Yielding At Crosswalks Reaches 55 Percent


The percentage of drivers yielding at crosswalks is up, largely due to concerted efforts to make streets safer for pedestrians. 

Springfield city officials say the percentage of drivers yielding at crosswalks has risen to an average of 55 percent across Springfield. The City’s SGF Yields pedestrian safety program began doing quarterly assessments to analyze driver compliance in 2017. At that time the driver compliance rate was 25 percent, according to city officials.  

They say the 55 percent driver compliance mark means that a majority of drivers are following rules and obeying crosswalk laws.  

In a press release, city officials said this is a milestone achievement for the community.

The end goal is for 100% of drivers to stop at a crosswalk each time, but they said that will be a much longer-term challenge for Springfield.