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High Temperatures Mean More Calls for AC Service Repair

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HVAC services are encouraging people to replace their filters every three months.

90 plus degree temperatures mean your air conditioner is working a lot harder to keep you cool. With more use, comes increased pressure on a unit and possible malfunctions.   

Brett Callahan, a field service technician for Air Services Heating, Cooling and All Services Professional Plumbing, says lately he’s been going on roughly 10 calls a day.

This summer Callahan noted he’s seen problems with refrigerant charge and a lot of clogged drain lines.

“But I would say the number one problem is definitely going to be the electrical components outside, which is the capacitor, your fan motor and your compressor.   

Callahan says these components can overheat when operating frequently. Stephen Jarbro, the operations Manager for John Wayne Heating and Air, suggests some preventable maintenance.

“I would say that they need to have their AC and furnace cleaned yearly, as well as making sure they change out their filters every three months.”

The practice could save a lot of money and stress.                      

Callahan says, “Whenever you forget to change that filter, what happens is it puts a lot of pressure on the evaporator coil in the house. And that will cause the unit to actually ice up, and when we come out we will find a big solid block of ice.”

Callahan adds this could also force the compressor to work even harder and blow the capacitor.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures in Springfield have reached 90 degrees or above since July 7. This weekend brings slightly cooler conditions with a chance of rain before the 90 degree temperatures return next week.