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Galloway: "Pleased to See Progress" in Joplin Audit Follow-Up

City of Joplin
Scott Harvey

Missouri’s state auditor says she’s pleased with progress so far in Joplin after the city received a poor audit rating last August.

Nicole Galloway released a follow-up report Wednesday. She says of the 32 audit findings last summer identified for review, most have been either partially implemented or in progress and six recommendations have been successfully implemented.

The August 2015 audit showed $10.9 million in state and federal reimbursement claims the city had not filed for disaster recovery projects that had been completed. Galloway’s office says the city has since submitted roughly $8.3 million in reimbursement requests for completed projects.

"While there are a number of issues yet to be addressed, I'm pleased to see the progress that's been made and the city's dedication to addressing the audit findings and recommendations." Auditor Galloway said. "There's still work to do, as my report shows, but the city is on the right track and has begun taking steps to better serve Joplin taxpayers."

Auditors last year had also identified ongoing concerns with Sunshine Law compliance and bidding procedures.

The complete follow-up report is available here.

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