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Using Social Media to Promote Businesses Topic of Tuesday Workshop


A workshop tomorrow (4/21) in Springfield will help businesses improve their online presence.  Eric Spellmann, owner and president of Spellmann & Associates, an online marketing and web design firm, will present "Enhance Your Internet Marketing" at the Plaster Center for Free Enterprise and Business Development from 2 to 5 pm.

He'll discuss the 5 steps to earning the most profit from your email list.  And he'll talk about how LinkedIn can help promote your business.

"LinkedIn is a social media tool that, if used correctly, can create some amazing branding for companies, especially if those companies are looking for various specific types of customers," he said.

He said most businesses don't need to use all the social media available.  But he said LinkedIn is "an amazing tool that most small businesses ignore."

He’ll also share five steps to earning the most profit from a business’s email list.  Spellmann said, if done correctly, email marketing can be a business’s most effective online tool for generating sales and leads.  But he said businesses often make mistakes.

"And I'll just give you one of them.  You know, if you buy an email list, believe it or not, you've broken federal law, and so you've got to earn every single email person one at a time," he said.

Those who attend the workshop will learn how often they should send an email and what should be in the emails.

The fee for the workshop is $49.  To register, click here.