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IMAGES: Moon City Artists, Volunteers Transform Old Warehouse Foundation to Colorful Mural

Paintings depicting nature and peace now decorate a once bland slab of concrete on Springfield’s north side.

Around 40 volunteers gathered in the city’s Woodland Heights neighborhood Saturday to turn a piece of warehouse property foundation owned by Springfield Victory Mission into a mural. The event, dubbed the Moon City Art Takeover, was a partnership between artists living in the live-work creative district, the Woodland Heights Neighborhood Association, Springfield Victory Mission and Habitat for Humanity of Springfield.

The mural was designed by Linda Passeri, Marian Chamberlain and Jennifer Wolken. The project took roughly four hours to complete.

Visitors to the site at 433 W. Chase St. can now view natural landscapes and creatures in the form of flowers and bees amid the mural’s bright orange, green and blue arrangements.